The glory of Sharknado 3


Oh, how I love really bad movies. They sometimes get to be so awful, so trashy that they bounce right back up to being good. The very, very best of the bad is Sharknado, and last night we had Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. And, it was glorious.

Words cannot accurately describe this cinematic gem. I mean, in a movie that featured Mark Cuban as the President, Rip Ride and Rockit as a good rollercoaster, and Tara Reed giving birth while eaten by a shark in space in a space suit, you know it has to be awesome.

And that is just the beginning.

Yes, it had no real plot, nor any real acting. The weather effects are so awful they make me laugh when I think of them. But, in the tradition of B movies, it is never meant to be good. It is meant to be so very bad that it’s great. This is a movie that purposefully jumps the shark.

Hell, it lauches the shark in to outer space. Then jumps it.


My lord, what a great movie.

The farce that is Roger Goodell


In 10 years, when Roger Goodell retires, what do you think will be his biggest regret? I think I know what it will be. I think I know, because fo rthe last 6 months we have seen this one incident pain him more and more.

Yes, again with Deflategate.

It is almost a month since Tom Brady had his appeal, one we all know was useless. Roger Goodell heard an appeal of a punishment he ‘more likely than not’ told Troy Vincent to hand down, all based on scant evidence and shoddy investigatory work. Since then, almost every major NFL reporter, be they Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, to Peter King of The MMQB, to many many others, have said this suspension should not stand. But, we know it will, because Roger Goodell has to be ‘the enforcer’.

And then, Brady will go to court, and he will win. Because Goodell does not get it, he does not get that he can’t just make this up as he goes along. There is no valid justification for a 4 game suspension. None. He will fight for it, but he will lose.

And, in losing, he loses another piece of his legacy. He becomes more of a joke. And he alienates one of the greatest players of all time, one of the best coaches of all time, and a major NFL owner. All over a possibly deflated ball in a 38 point blowout.

Was it worth it?

Thank you, Donald Trump


The 2016 presidential election is coming upon us quickly. The candidates are all declaring, the debates are about to start. Polls are being run, and pundits are talking non-stop. And, thanks to 1 man, the entire conversation on the right is about all the wrong things.

That man is Donald Trump.

Trump is actually running for president, and he is bring the conversation down with him. Last week, for instance, he said that he did not like John McCain, a former POW, because he does not like people who have been captured.


Look, I admit freely I am a liberal Democrat, and I think McCain would have been an awful president. But, come on, he fought for our country, he was held captive and tortured. His service should not be questioned. Ever. And not by Donald Trump, who admits he dodged the draft because he did not approve of the war.

This only helps the Democrats. While he is busy doing things like that, he is getting all of the attention. He is leading the polls, he is always a top news item. And, because of that, his opponents have to shift their views. Not like it matters, he will never win, but he will have an effect on the entire process.

And wait til you see him in the debates. In 2012, the Republican debates were a joke. At one point, a crowd booed a gay serviceman because he was gay. Seriously, a Republican crowd hated on an American soldier because he dared to love another man. How bad will it be this time, with Trump not caring what idiocy comes from his mouth?

Oh, and even when the primaries end, they might not be rid of him. He might run as a third party candidate. Which would all but assure a Democratic victory.

So, thank you Donald Trump. Your bombastic idiocy will help this country become more and more progressive. Thank you. Keep being you.

Took a week off


Yeah, I know, I did not blog much last week. I had reasons.

As I had documented here before, my dog has been battling cancer. It’s been a hard battle for her, one that she ultimately lost on Tuesday of last week. After that happened, I was not in any state to blog about how Donald Trump is an idiot, or about a deflated football, or about how I am on the fence on the Arkham Knight DLC. In fact, I am still really not in the mood to blog, hence why this is more a blog about blogging than anything else.

But, let me say this: Losing this little dog devastated me. It really did. I prepared myself for this eventuallity for months, but no amount of preparation could help. It hurt to my very soul.

So, this week I will try to be on a normal schedule. I need to have some normalcy, because I will just keep thinking about her. And, hopefully, in time, I can heal.

But I still miss my dog.

Life takes us to weird places


You know, as I was standing at the top step of the Lowell Spinners’ dugout, the Single A affiliate for the Boston Red Sox, taking pictures of the Emperor force choking a Minion, Luigi, Mario, and a few other mascots, I got to thinking that this might be the oddest thing I have done. Really. And that’s saying something. I have done some downright weird stuff, but this might have taken the cake.

Life has taken me to weird places. Like when a friend and I tried, for over an hour, to get backstage at WWE Monday Night Raw, and very nearly succeeded. Seriously, they almost let us in as press. We got to see one of the night’s skits filmed as we stood there.

Or, how about when I went to Disney for my 30th birthday, and almost made it to the finals of the Star Trek card game’s world championship. In fact, I probably would have made it to in if I wanted, I just had to make the executive decision: Do I want more sitting in a room with geeks playing a card game, that I would surely lose, or do I want to go to Disney World? Not a hard choice for me.

Or, how about going to Disney for a 1 day trip the day after seeing Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden? That was insane, we were so dead at the end of the day, but we made it. The drive home from the airport was the worst thing ever, really. It was the longest 45 minute drive I have ever had.

Or, how about when I got hit in the mouth with a can of bug repelent? Yeah, that happened. Apparently, you can bruise teeth.

Or, how about when I was at an anime convention and got snowed in? Honestly, that was one of the best experiences in my life, though I didn’t know it at the time. That entire weekend was odd, between a couple of “friends” who refused to speak to me, to me getting pretty sick on Saturday, to the snow, to the fact I actually had girls hitting on me and I was like ‘uhhh, no.’ Yeah, that happened.

I did all of this and I am not even mentioning what I did when there was alcohol involved. Those are stories, man. Stories that, honestly, I don’t think I can tell.

Man, life is weird sometimes. Where will it take me next?

The List: Week “Hey, I thought this was a daily blog”


Yeah, yeah, I know. I have barely posted this week, mainly because I have been so damn busy. But, how about a list of the things to close out the week?

  1. Not a big shock that we still have not had a resolution on DeflateGate. Not a shock at all. This is the silliest, stupest “scandal” in sports history, so lets drag it on more. Honestly, now hearing that Greg Hardy, a man who picked up his girlfriend by her throat and threw her onto a couch filled with guns, held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her is now suspended for 4 games, it makes me shake my head more. Apparently, in the NFL, commiting a possible felony is the same as maybe deflating a football. So stupid.
  2. Speaking about stupid, why, oh why, are NFL players holding onto to fireworks? Are they 12? Seriously, grow up. Two NFL players, Jason Pierre-Paul and CJ Wilson, both lost fingers over the Fourth of July weekend. To say that is stupid is an understatement, especially for Pierre-Paul who is in line to make $15 million guarenteed this year. So very stupid.
  3. I hate my sinuses.
  4. My dog has cancer, and she is fighting it off the best that she can. I feel awful for her, but she still gets the same old goody grin all the time.
  5. For some reason, Windows Media Player stopped working on my PC at work. Yes, I am that one guy that still uses that. So, instead, I went back to WinAmp. Because it’s 2000 again.
  6. I think I will finally be able to play Final Fantasy XIV this week. Only 2 weeks after the expansion launched.
  7. I am so eagerly awaiting some of the news from Comic Con. I am guessing the Marvel panel will be epic, as always. And, even though they won’t announce or show anything, I am guessing the Star Wars panel will be pretty nice. Seriously, this is like geek Christmas.
  8. Been watching Daredevil as of late. That show has some seriously cool cinematography.
  9. This guy I work with has not seen Star Wars. Or Terminator. Or almost any other pop culture thing released in the last 30 years. And he is like 24. Seriously.
  10. I got nothing else. I know, so disappointing, in a week where I barely post, I can only get 9 things out. I think this is part of my problem, I have been having a bit of writer’s block. Or something.

Comic Con trumps football


(Yes, I did not post yesterday, I think I might have to re-examine this daily blog thing. Until then, here’s a post for both days!)

San Diego is having issues right now, specifically with their sports teams. The Padres are playing in a new ball park, but they don’t attract good crowds. And the Chargers are playing in one of the older stadiums in the NFL, and, even though they are quite competitive, they struggle to attract a full house. And, now, that all might cost them, as the Chargers are looking to moving to LA. And, here’s the thing: San Diego can keep the Chargers if the city decides to spend public money on a new stadium. The city could also spend that money to improve infrastructure needed to keep the San Diego Comic Con in town, but they can only afford one of these.

And the people of San Diego seemingly have chosen Comic Con.

It makes sense, when you think about it. Why would the people of San Diego want to spend money helping a billionaire when they can spend less money on an even that brings in hundreds of thousands to the city every year, and brings in untold amounts of money? It simply makes sense. Of course, football fans are complaining about the ‘nerds’, but it simply makes sense.

Think about it. Right now, Comic Con is as much about the party and the events and the scene as it is about the actual Con itself. The Con is almost secondary next to everything else, and all of that you can only go to if you go to San Diego. Now, in comparrison, if you are a Chargers fan, you don’t have to go to San Diego to see them. You can see them play on the road, or better yet, on TV. San Diego sees nothing of that, only the owners do.

So, yeah, the people of San Diego might be choosing Batman over the Chargers, and it makes perfect sense. And that’s the NFL’s own fault.